Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Little Timmy need to cook his ramen with a stove top and pot?
Yes and no!  Exotic Noods Red package requires a stove top and pot with access to clean water, while our Exotic Noods Black package comes with convenient disposable bowls, all you need is boiling water, and you can toss the bowl when you’re done!  Timmy is getting the Green package which is both kinds.

Q: How many flavors do I get each month?
A: Exotic Noods Red and Black pack features at least 4 flavors. Our Green pack is just a combination of the selections from the Red and Black selections.  T.T. is getting the Green pack.

Q: How do they find products?
A: They work directly with distributors and importers from around the world which gives us unique access to some of the most exotic and delicious noodle treats.

Q: How many Noods will I be receiving?
A: Little Timmy will get 8 packs each month for three months. If he eats ’em up like a good little soldier we can extend it, but if it sucks, then we’re done.

Q: When do I get my Noods?
A: They usually arrive around the 10th of each month and the cutoff for shipping is 11:59 PM PST on the 4th of each month. Be patient, th]]e wait is worth it – or so they promise.

Please feel free to reach out to if you have any further questions, TIM!